More electrical engineer jobs in Norway

In 2016 IKEA decided to provide all of its warehouses in Norway with electric vehicle charging stations. This initiation is a significant step towards the fossil free transport system in Norway, and might be an example to follow for other countries and companies. There will be definetly more need to provide electrical engineer jobs.

Vidar Helgesen climate and environment minister talked gladly in his opening speech at the EV charging station in Slepend:
“I am very impressed by the IKEA’s effort, and not only by the fact that they are building charging stations, but the attitude it represents. An environmentally friendly, sustainable high level of way of thinking. I hope that many other companies will follow IKEA’s example, facilitating our plans (Norway’s plan) to build a system by 2025, where only fossilfree vehicles can be sold.”

“It is great, that IKEA supports fossil free transport. Approximately there are 120.000 electric vehicle registered in Norway currently, but the EV charging station coverage is undeveloped yet. It must be as easy to fill our cars with power as with gas ” – said Christina Bu the Secretary-General of the norwegian Electric Vehicle Association.

“Today, we have about 650 EV charging stations in Norway. The Electric Vehicle Association believes that in the beginning to achieve a fast development, there should be built at least one charging station for every 100 electric cars. That means they need 350 more chargers if Norway wants to keep the timetable.”

By 2025, if they want to put down gasoline and diesel, the minimum of 300.000 electric cars have to be registered in Norway. For this purpose, 500 charging stations have to be built annually. So the prospects of electrical engineer jobs are really promising, especially in the scandinavian region.

electrical engineer jobs

Vidar Helgesen at the opening of the electric vehicle charging station.