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If you only apply for one apprenticeship position today, it shall be this!

Apprenticeship program in electric engineering

Applications for traineeship program are now accepted from students in their electric engineer BA or MA studies.

During the traineeship applicants accepted will have the opportunity to participate in various innovative projects under the supervision of experienced engineers.

Details of the program:

  • trainees will have experienced engineer mentors,
  • fulfillment of your traineeship will be confirmed,
  • you will get professional assistant with your thesis,
  • you will get continuous feedback on your development and work done.

In your application please indicate which engineering area you would be interested in, and what part of the engineer’s work (project management, planning, etc.) you would prefer doing.

Please send your application to the following e-mail address (and do not forget to mark your area of specification in school):


If you have any questions please call our colleague directly:

Ms. Timea Csilla Dankó
+36 (20) 220 6211