Data protection statement of Gramont International Ltd.

Gramont International Ltd. is committed to protect the personal information of job seekers. It processes  visitors’ data confidentially and takes all security measures to guarantee the security of users’ data.

The maintainer and the data manager of this site is Gramont International Ltd. (cr. 01 09 896385).

Our data management principles and security measures comply with the operative laws:

  • Act LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and the publicity of public data of public interest,
  • European Parliament and Council Directive 95/46/ECof 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data,

Additional relating laws:

Personal datas processed by Gramont International Ltd. must meet the following requirements:

their intake and processing is fair and legitimate, accurate, complete, updatable, and can be deleted if it is requested by the user.

Within the services, processing all data related to the user is based on a voluntary contribution, however the statement of the user concerned by which the user is objecting to the processing of its personal data, requesting the termination of data processing and the deletion of data processed, is considered as a protest. In this case Gramont International Ltd. will act upon the provision of Avtv.

Gramont International Ltd. ensures the security of data, takes those technical and organizational measures, develops those procedural rules, that are necessary in order to enforce privacy and confidentiality rules. The data is protected, particularly against unauthorized access, alteration, forwarding, disclosure, deletion or destruction, as well as accidental destruction and damage.

The user can request information about the processing of its personal data, and can request rectification or deletion of its data.

Personal data can be forwarded, and the different data processing can be linked only in that case, if the user concerned has consented to it, or if the law allows it and if the conditions of data processing are met for each personal data.

Gramont International Ltd. does not collect special data (about the user’s racial origin, connection to national and ethnic minority, political opinion or party affiliation, religious or other ideology, representative organisation membership, health, abnormal passion, sexual life, and about criminal record) on its website.

If the authority contacts Gramont International Ltd., it publishes personal data only to the extent necessary to achive the purpose of the request, and the Avtv. allows. The user acknowledges that any protest against this is not possible.

Gramont International Ltd.’s newsletter service is only available to registered users. The registration consists of providing the user’s e-mail address and the subsequent confirmation procedure, during which Gramont International Ltd. verifies that the authorized user has subscribed to the newsletter. Data providing is voluntary, and can be revoked at any time.

Personal data must be deleted if it is unlawful, requested by the user concerned, the purpose of data processing has expired or the statutory deadline for data storage has expired, ordered by the court or by the data protection commissioner.

Gramont International Ltd.